Wednesday, October 31, 2012

How to Prepare Your Music Room for a Taiko Drum Lesson

Taiko drums are a form of Japanese percussion that have grown in popularity over the years. These huge drums are big (in fact, that's what 'Taiko' means!) and due to their huge size can produce a truly powerful sound.

Book a Teacher

Although drum teachers are fairly easy to come by, Taiko drummers are a bit more of a rare breed! A well renowned teacher will have extensive experience in Taiko drumming, will have run workshops with a range of students, and will be familiar with using all different types of Taiko drums no matter what their size or material.

Drumming lessons can be great for individuals, but also are good fun for groups to take part too - just make sure when you book it that you are clear about how long you want to have the lesson for, and how many people will be taking part.

Prepare a Space

If you have a room in your house dedicated to musical instruments, then great. Not everyone has the space though, and because Taiko drumming can be very loud, clearing a space in your basement and only rehearsing underground is a great way of keeping your noise to a minimum and keeping your neighbors happy.

When playing the drum, you will generally use a lot of your body and a lot of arm movement to get the best possible sound out of the instrument, so take this into account when you are choosing a space to practice in.

Get Suitable Accessories

Taiko drums are large instruments - this is why it is important to have a stand for the drum when it is not in use, so that it keeps the drum and your floor protected; just make sure that you get one big enough for your drum.

You may also want to get a cover for your drum if it is small and light enough to move around, and you will need bachi (the sticks used to beat it) to get the best sound from the instrument.

Wear Comfortable Clothes

Not only a cool hobby, these drumming sessions are also known for their calorie-burning uses as well. A great workout for your upper body, this type of drumming involves exerting your arm muscles and because of this, comfortable and stretchy clothing should be worn to allow for a better range of arm movements. Keep some water handy too - and enjoy yourself!

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